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Amazingly Creative Best Lord Shiva Tattoos

What could rival Lord Shiva’s persona and power. His aura has attracted millions of people from around the world. Getting a tattoo done of lord shiva is a matter of great pride in India. Imagine having a beautiful piece of art that symbolised something so powerful and unworldly. At Aliens Tattoos, we have taken our clients’ emotions into consideration and have come with some brilliant Lord Shiva tattoos along the way. At our studio, we do quite a few pieces on Lord Shiva but each Lord Shiva tattoo design signifies him in a different light and brings out a unique attribute of his persona. Here are some of our best Lord Shiva tattoos.

best lord shiva tattoo designs

Double Exposure Aghori Tattoo
Its a great feeling when a client has a complete sense of trust on the artist. This client gave me that feeling bundled with a complete freedom to work on the design. He wanted the tattoo to be about Lord Shiva’s human form and this double exposure design with Aghori and Himalayan landscape gave him that and a little more. Aghori itself is a beautiful concept artistically speaking and I had a wonderful experience designing the tattoo.


furious lord shiva tattoo ideas

Furious Shiva Tattoo
A design done by using digital brush strokes. Lord Shiva stands with all his grace, rage and glory in this design. The element of Shiva is followed by a very powerful mantra. This is one out of our best Lord Shiva tattoos.


unique lord shiva tattoo designs

Shiv-Shakti Visualised
Shiv parvati is a powerful concept to work on. Its our custom design with a modern look having some intricate dot work. The idea behind the tattoo was to visually bring to life, the power and chemistry of Shiv-Shakti. The dot work used on this tattoo is done through our exclusive process which leaves them smudge free and makes it look great, year after year.


best religious tattoos-lord shiva tattoo designs

Lord Shiva tattoo with beautiful Mandala dot work
Dot work tattoos are one of the most intricate yet beautiful pieces of art. Using our secret techniques, we create amazing dot work art and in this case it fits beautifully with this Lord Shiva design. It was done on a tour to Pune and the client was a big fan of our dotwork.


Best Lord Shiva tattoos - Unique tattoo designs

Illustrative Lord Shiva tattoo
This is an amazing example of Illustrative Lord Shiva. The client came up with the design on this one and wanted us to make an exact replica of it. We took the challenge and our biggest reward was seeing the happy look on the clients’ face.


Best Lord Shiva tattoo ideas

Psychedelic Lord Shiva Tattoo
After all these years in the industry, we have seen that if the art is great, people don’t measure the distance to get it. This Psychedelic Shiva tattoo was done on a client who flew all the way from Dubai and sat for a straight 16-hour session to get it done. As you can see in the picture above, the travel and time was well worth it. The colour has beautifully suited his skin and most importantly its a tattoo that he is proud of.

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